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Frequently asked questions

How do I order online?
The swan is happy to support customers to order online by one of the following ordering methods:
- Visit website: The swan
- Email your order to:
- Contact hotline: 1900.636,000 to order products
- Chat with a consultant on The swan's fanpage
What are the risks if I order online?
With The swan, customers don't have to worry, because we are committed to providing good quality products at affordable prices.
If I buy products in bulk, will the price be reduced?
When buying in bulk, customers will enjoy preferential regimes and discounts right at the time of purchase.
Customers please contact Mode for direct support via phone number: 1900.636,000 VND
How is Mode's product return and exchange policy?
Please refer to The swan's return policy for the most complete and detailed information.
Note: For the bag and shoe product line, the return and exchange conditions are made within 30 days from the date of receipt and the goods are guaranteed to keep the product labels intact.
I bought the product, I am not satisfied, can I exchange it?
When purchasing, if the customer is not satisfied with the product, please let The swan know, we will immediately exchange the product for the customer.
I have chosen COD payment method, but when the goods arrive, I don't want to pick it up, can I?
The swan is ready to receive the goods and look forward to hearing from you.
How do I pay for the delivery fee?
Customers will get 100% free domestic shipping for orders over 300,000vnd.
Can I exchange for a new product or get a refund?
When the goods meet the conditions of exchange/return, the customer will be returned and refunded in case of return or exchange of goods of lower value.
If I return without bringing the invoice and product information card, can I return it?
In case, customers do not have invoices or product information slips, Mode still has the flexibility to exchange or return products through the phone number that the customer provided at the time of purchase.
Customers please provide the phone number to the sales staff to check with the system for quick support.
When I order online, how do I pay?
Mode provides customers with flexible payment methods such as
- COD: Pay directly when receiving the goods to the postal staff
- Transfer
Other forms of e-wallets

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April 10, 2022
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  • Copy the code and enter the promo code at the checkout page
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  • Copy the code and enter the promo code at the checkout page
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May 20, 2022
  • Copy the code and enter the promo code at the checkout page